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Insulation helps to reduce the heat through certain areas, most typically walls, attic or roof. In a property that is already well insulated, there is less chance of energy escaping which means there is less need for appliances to provide energy throughout the house. Contact us.

Insulating reduces heat loss by 90%Free loft insulation

The outer part of our home is the barrier that stops the inside and outside air from mixing together, causing unpleasant temperatures inside your home. Properties that were built between 1924 and 2000 are likely to have a cavity in their wall and it’s likely that insulation is needed in these walls. Heat often rises to the top of the property, so it is just as important to insulate your roof. See energy saving tips.

For both cavity wall and loft insulation, it is worth around £800 to install, but can cut bills by £300. However, companies throughout the UK are offering free insulation to homes that are eligible. If you or anybody in the property receives pension credit, child tax credit or job seekers allowance, you may quality. Check with recommended suppliers.

Cut your annual heating pricesProof your home

Despite how well insulated your property may be, there is still the chance of heat being lost through cracks and gaps around windows and doors.  If you can feel drafts around your property, then it is likely you are victim of this. Test your home.

Houses that do have gaps in walls require more energy to heat, therefore costing you more money. To prevent these, you can begin caulking and weather-stripping and you will instantly feel a change in your home.