Improve the Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

Consume Less Energy and Save Money At Home

Save money at home

Check out our top tips to make your home more energy-efficient below:

  • Change all your light bulbs to use energy-saving bulbs. These may be more expensive in the short term to buy but they last around 12 times longer and can save you on average £7 a year on your bills for each bulb you use.
  • Flat Rubber Roof – A popular roofing material for homeowners, a flat rubber roof uses a rubber membrane for the roof material. It lasts up to 50 years, needs little maintenance, is 100% recyclable and can help recycle rainwater too! Learn more here.
  • Install energy-efficient roof-lights – roof lights and skylights not only allow vast amounts of light into your home reducing the need for artificial light, but they are also extremely energy efficient. Install eco-friendly flat roof skylights to protect against needless heat loss from your home. Click here to read about eco-friendly skylights.
  • Draught proofing existing windows and doors costs from around £40 and is a simple job you can do yourself. Use an energy-efficient gas heater to save fuel.
  • Loft insulation costs start from around £150 and could save hundreds of pounds each year. There are a number of grants available in the UK to possibly help you get part payment towards this.
  • Check your appliances – older appliances are much less energy efficient than newer ones. When replacing appliances check their efficiency rating and make sure they are installed correctly by a registered installer.
  • Secondary glazing on windows can be a very low cost and effective method of sealing your windows and preventing unnecessary heat loss.
  • Use insulating materials to fill the gaps under skirting boards and between floorboards. You could use newspaper or specialist materials from your local DIY store.

Saving energy means saving money on your household bills.

Keep up to date on the latest environmental news. For more simple ways to save energy around the home click here. Make sure to reduce, reuse and recycle to help save the planet.